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Happy Mew Year!!!
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A Little About Me:
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Pixel: Purple Star by apparateTraditional Artist
Pixel: Purple Star by apparateUses pencils + sharpie markers
Pixel: Purple Star by apparateStill in High School
Pixel: Purple Star by apparateWriter + roleplayer
Pixel: Purple Star by apparateCollector
Pixel: Purple Star by apparateDraws OCs + Fanart
Pixel: Purple Star by apparateLoves her kitty

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Works here box

Love Note - Free Avvie by r0se-designs Currently by Dri-Bee Love Note - Free Avvie by r0se-designs

BANANA by tonbiniira Bananya Series!!!As much as I love drawing my OC and my boyfriend's character, I wanna move to the next to the series. I like doing these series. Gets me drawing. 
Anyways, I found this super adroable anime called Bananya. Is it about the secret lives of a cat that lives inside of a banana. My first thing was a Hello Kitty spin-off, but no. After seeing the first episode, I was in love. I love all the characters and the mewing and the cuteness. Like who woke up in the morning and thought "What if you put a kitty into a yellow fruit?" Whoever did, you are a genius!!!

Bananya Series!!!

Bananya Bananya 2 Baby Bananya Black Bananya 
Pixel: Pink Star Bananya and Family
Pixel: Blue Stary Mouse
Pixel: Pink Star&
BANANA by tonbiniira
To Do List 4/10/17These are the art projects I need to work on that aren't series related. More commissions and requests

Pixel: Orange Star Website Commission for QuotasGreen Check Mark 
Pixel: Orange Star Blue Voltron Lion request :iconHerbiegirl53:
Pixel: Orange Star Family photo requests, Molly, and Monster Mash chibis (Val + Will waving arms) :iconBlockula105:
Pixel: Orange Star Zedla OC crossover request :iconKawaiiMichie:
Pixel: Orange Star Draw Original Pink Power Ranger, Kimberly 
Pixel: Orange Star Birthday Drawing Birthday cake icon Green Check Mark
Pixel: Orange Star Happy Easter w/ redrawn Brandy 

Cat and Star (free icon) by Kutty-Sark
Free Avatar: Books by apparate Writing IdeasAlong being an artist, I am a writer.Argh! Stupid writer's block. I used to write stories during my free time in middle school. I was really into it. I made a Warrior Cats spin-off kind of. It was a 16 chapter book and I completed it. Sadly, it never was published and I don’t intend to extend the novel anytime soon. I might in the future, but as of now no.
Below I’m listing out my ideas of the stories I plan to write along with my art. Some are based off of roleplay original characters I own or something I got inspiration for. Please note that these are my story ideas and I don't want anyone stealing them. 
30+ RoleplayTime Warp 
This one is actually not owned by me. When I first joined my roleplay community , this was on the of the first roleplays I did. I remember staying up until 4 am to roleplay. Fun times. This is the story I mostly likely, along with the Warrior Cats spin-off that
Free Avatar: Books by apparate

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Ever heard of a Sea Bunny? 

2 deviants said Yes they are adorable!!!
2 deviants said Bunny in the sea no
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Alright peeps, I've got to confess. I feel like I'm popping art out way too fast. And I'm stressing out at all the stuff I want to draw. Cuz now it feels like a need to get done versus I want. Art shouldn't be stressful. Sure anything can be stressful. I just feel like if you are good at something, it shouldn't be nearly as stressful. I'm to calm done and relax, but by no means I am. I try to distract myself with video games or chatting. After I'm done, I'm instantly thinking about all the things I think I "need." 
For example, I feel like I need to get my series done as soon as possible. I need to advance my art as soon as possible. I need to type as fast as I can. No mistakes. I need to keep up with everyone else. I just can't relax. Please, if anyone has anything that might relax me please help. 
Another thing, is that I can't stand human conversation irl. Like I hate answering generic bullshit my family gives me. It's like LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE SO I CAN DRAW. I think I'm turning myself into a slave of my work. Everything is feeling rushed again.......
Tabby Twins
Here are the next family members of the Bananya Family. The gray one is Mackerel Tabby Bananya, the younger brother of Tabby Nananya. He has a crush on Bananyako. 
[Request] Voltron Blue Lion
Request for my Best Friend :iconherbiegirl53: 
Drawing Mec is surprisingly easy for me. I just saw each section as like a square or triangle. Hope you like it. SORRY IT TOOK ME A MILLION YEARS!!!Kaori Freaking Out Icon 
Hey guys, having a good day? I decided not to get the job I was applying for. Reason being because I would rather draw all day than clean up a movie theater for hours and hours. It's not like I have to get one right now anyways. I'm still in high school. 

As of now I'm going to see where commissioning art goes. Not starting right away with that though. I still want to complete a few requests and my Bananya series. 

Pixel: Yellow Star Requests and trades are closed for anyone but my friends

Pixel: Yellow Star Commissions are closed for now


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